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piel de bronce
"Nest of ideas"
"La Llorona"
"Catrina amarilla"
¨Trapped in the present¨
¨You see me, and you suffer¨
¨Visiting my old folks¨
“Too much love”
¨5 minutes before the mirale happens¨
¨Over abundance¨
¨La negra soledad¨
¨Viva Mexico, Viva la vida¨
¨Leaving the masks behind¨
¨The enlightenment¨
¨The venus of Cuale river¨
¨Underwater dream¨
¨Ethernal present¨
¨The reflection of the day¨
¨From flower to flower¨
¨Green Catrina¨
¨New Flowers will blossom"
¨El instinto"
"Catrina praying¨
"The instinct reveals"
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